Introduction: Pete is one of our original SAS athletes. Pete lives and works in the West of Scotland and competes regularly across a multitude of sporting events.

Experience: Pete‘s main training experience originates from X Training events, across the UK and beyond. In more recent times, Pete has been competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, both domestically and internationally, collecting a slew of medals as a result.
Pete has spent alot of time abroad training at the world renowned Tiger Muay Thai + MMA training camp. Under the tutelage of top black belt Stuart Cooper, Pete honed and developed his skills in the tropical climate of Phuket, Thailand.
Supplements: Pete is an avid user of SAS WPI and it features heavily in his nutritional plan. He also places great importance of the use of SAS health supplements such as our Multivitamins and ZMX to get that all important rest.


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