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Whey Protein Supplements Online UK

SAS Nutrition offers some of the most effective whey protein supplements you can buy online in the UK. Our teams ensure you get the results you want from whey protein powder through only including tried-and-tested, quality ingredients.

This type of supplement is a great choice for most athletes and gym-goers for many reasons. You can expect whey protein supplements to assist you in:

• Building and maintaining lean muscle mass
• Accelerating strength and endurance gains
• Rejuvenating the body between workout sessions
• Increasing your metabolism to promote fat loss

Our Protein Powder Range

The Different Types of Whey Protein Supplements

Depending on your fitness goals, choosing the right type of whey protein may enhance your results, allowing you to hit milestones faster. Below we’ll outline the 3 main types of this beneficial supplement.
1. Concentrated Whey Protein – The most common type; this supplement is usually around 80% protein and also contains some healthy fats and sugars as well.
2. Isolated Whey Protein – Sitting at 90%+ in terms of pure protein, Isolate Whey really tries to give you the most protein possible, at the expense of compounds which are usually found in concentrated whey protein.
3. Hydrolysate Whey Protein – This type has already been partly broken down which allows for faster absorption within the body. Protein percentage can vary from product to product.

Who is this Supplement for?

Most people who exercise regularly can benefit from the extra protein intake that comes with taking effective whey supplements. However, there are some types of athletes and gym-goer who may benefit more than others.

Whey Protein for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders naturally want to build as much muscle as possible in the shortest amount of time. With this in mind, as long as they eat a balanced, protein-rich diet, high impact whey protein supplement can have a significant positive effect on growth in the long and short-term.

Whey Protein for Strength Trainers

In the same vein as bodybuilders, those undertaking strength training want to work on their muscles and nervous system in order to condition them to be able to lift heavier and heavier weights. Whey protein powder aids in muscle growth and recovery which is, of course, extremely beneficial in conditioning their bodies for increased performance.

For Men

This type of supplement is very popular with men as many of them want to improve their physique as well as their overall strength. In combination with a balanced diet, consistent training, and enough quality sleep, whey protein supplements are a fantastic option to speed up results.

For Women

Of course, women can use whey protein supplements in the same way to improve their muscle mass and definition, as well as to increase performance and recovery. This kind of supplement is also particularly helpful if you are trying to get enough protein while on a strict diet plan as low-calorie powders are available.

What type of protein shake is best for me?

With so many different types of protein powder available online it is important to choose the supplement which fits best to your lifestyle and fitness goals:

Whey protein is a rapidly digesting dairy protein which provides quick access to amino acids. perfect for post workout shakes.

Casein is a slow digesting dairy protein which reduces muscle protein breakdown. The slow action help suppress cravings for snacks and is perfect before bed.

Plant Based Protein 

Is whey protein powder good for you?

Whey is more than just a high-quality protein source, you will also get other beneficial nutrients from it too!

When should i take whey protein?

Taking Whey Protein at night

During the night your body starts to run low of glycogen and begins to use up stored amino acids. This puts your muscles into a catabolic or breakdown state. A great way to ensure your body does not run out of stored nutrients is to take a casein protein shake before bed.

Taking Whey Protein in the Morning

Don’t worry if Protein shakes at night aren’t your thing, replacing the amino acids is simple. SAS Nutrition WPI 80 whey protein contains everything that your body needs to get your day off to a great start.

Taking Whey Protein Pre-Workout

Taking a protein shake before a workout is a great way to fuel your workout. SAS Nutrition all in one protein is perfect to load up before a workout. Containing the perfect blend of protein, carbs and amino acids in one blend.

Taking Whey Protein Post Workout

More Questions?

If your question hasn’t been answered here, get in touch and we will do out best to help out! Why not check out this guide on the most common protein powder mistakes.

Dosage and Side Effects

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