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What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone In Women?

Testosterone is a vital androgenic compound found naturally in the human body. It is vital for both men and women. Women require much less testosterone than men do, but the testosterone found in women is responsible for a wide variety of tasks: including the management of protein synthesis, energy levels and even cognition. Slightly raising your testosterone levels through either supplementation or lifestyle choices will allow you to recover quicker. Quicker recovery means less time spent outside of the gym, meaning you’ll see results much quicker too.

Can a Woman Take Testosterone Boosters?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for women to take natural testosterone boosters. We would strongly advise women to stay away from synthetic and illegal testosterone enhancing products. They can be incredibly dangerous and toxic for the human liver.

What Are The Symptoms of Low Testosterone In Females

Low testosterone in females can result in fatigue, feelings of drowsiness, poor muscle recovery & even reproductive difficulties. Women with low test can also expect weaker bones & in some instances depression.

How does testosterone affect fertility in women?

A reasonable baseline of testosterone is necessary for reproductive health in women. Excessively high levels of testosterone more commonly cause difficulty in conception, however excessively low levels of testosterone will also negatively affect your chances.

Do Women Need Testosterone?

Yes, whilst they do not require as much testosterone as men, it is still vital for a healthy and active lifestyle. The optimal amount of free flowing testosterone in women is so much smaller than that of a man, if a male were to experience similar levels he would suffer from a variety of horrible ailments. The upside is that the lower necessary level of testosterone in women means it is much easier and more cost effective for them to supplement testosterone when necessary.

How Can a Woman Increase Testosterone Naturally?

Our most powerful testosterone booster, TEC, is made of pure plant extract. This extract is derived from a plant known as “bulbine natalensis”. Supplementation from this plant has been demonstrated by several scientific studies to enhance testosterone levels in rats. It also slightly reduces estrogen levels.

if you wish to refrain from supplementing testosterone to see how far you can get through lifestyle changes, there are a wide variety of options in everyday changes you can make which will contribute to enhancing your testosterone levels.

these are as follows:

Refrain from alcohol – Types of alcohol such as beer contain phytoestrogens due to the hops used in the brewing process. Alcohol across the board can cause temporary inhibition of vital hormone production.

Exercise frequently – Regular exercise, whilst being overall much healthier for you, has also been shown to raise testosterone levels in both men and women. So much so that many bodybuilders talk of an “anabolic window” post-workout in which your body is capable of synthesising more protein. The science behind this is widely disputed but it has been a “rule of thumb” for decades. Regular exercise will also bring the added benefits of “feel-good” endorphin production as your body effectively rewards you for being good to it.

Increase dietary protein intake – a higher protein intake also seems to have a positive correlation in relation to testosterone production. High protein intake will also bring the added benefit of being less hungry throughout the day due to protein high levels of satiation.






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