SAS Night Time Protein 907g


SAS NightTime Whey Protein has been made for athletes and bodybuilders alike who want as a complete pre bedtime time release protein.




Miscellar Casein has shown in studies to offer slow release properties which make it the perfect pre bedtime supplement for anybody looking to gain muscle mass and recover faster from intense exercise.

SAS Night Time Whey Protein is our improvement on many of the casein supplements currently available, however instead of adding something to the supplement whats more important is what we’ve taken away. With No added flavoring, coloring or preservatives SAS Night Time is able to provide 85% quality protein per serving consisting of both Whey and Casein proteins for both fast and slow release resulting in the perfect pre bedtime protein supplement.

Nutritional Information

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Sizes Available:

2lbs – Chocolate, Strawberry

Serving Size 60g

Servings per container 37

Additional information

Weight .925 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm

Chocolate, Strawberry