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L-Glutamine Supplements 240 Tablets

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SAS L-Glutamine can lead to a reduction in the breakdown of muscle tissue, an increase in protein metabolism aiding in recovery.

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Choosing to buy L-Glutamine supplements is a great step towards a number of benefits to your physical performance as well as your overall wellbeing.

As L-Glutamine is an amino acid, a necessary building block of the human body, it is a natural way to encourage the development and preservation of muscle tissue as well as promoting enhanced recovery.

What are L-Glutamine Supplements?

Glutamine is an amino acid that makes up over 61% of the body’s skeletal muscle and after an intense workout, the body’s glutamine levels are massively depleted which in turn leads to a decrease in strength, endurance, and recovery speed. It can take up to 6 days for the body to naturally return to normal glutamine levels which leads to decreased performance, recovery, and protein synthesis which massively impacts your ability to develop quality lean muscle mass.

Supplementing with SAS L-Glutamine allows you to make sure your body return to optimal performance, ready for your next workout to promote optimal recovery and muscle development.

What are the Effects of L-Glutamine?

When it comes to L-Glutamine supplements, many studies have shown that supplementing with L-Glutamine can lead to a reduction in the breakdown of muscle tissue and an increase in protein metabolism. It has also been shown to simultaneously increase the body’s ability to secrete growth hormone, a vital process which helps to promote weight loss and support the development of new muscle tissue.

All of this makes L-Glutamine supplements a fantastic choice for bodybuilders, strength trainers, and anyone who regularly engages in high-intensity workouts. The reduced recovery time afforded by L-Glutamine supplements means that pain from DOMS and fatigue are effectively minimised, allowing for more intense and more frequent workouts.

Taking this supplement also means that any muscle gains you do make from regular workouts will be maximised with the ingestion of L-Glutamine alongside a high-protein balanced diet.

Suggested Use:

For optimal use, you should look to ingest 3-5 grams of L-Glutamine (up to 6 tablets) spread throughout the day. This will ensure that your levels of L-Glutamine are optimum at all times, promoting recovery at all times.

SAS L-Glutamine tablets make for a much more convenient way to make sure you maintain glutamine levels within the body when compared to traditional L-Glutamine powder.

Servings Per Container 40.

Serving Size 6 Tablets Daily.

Sizes Available:

240 Tablets, L-Glutamine 500g Powder