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At SAS Nutrition we are dedicated to helping our customers reach their fitness goals. When it comes
to building muscle strength we have a range of state-of-the-art products available to buy which will
aid in the process of making you stronger and a better all-round athlete. Combine our products with
a dedicated training regime and good nutrition and you will quickly see the benefits. Focusing on
muscle strength will improve your results across the board making you stronger, fitter and bigger.

How do muscle strengthening products work?

Building muscle strength requires exercise, rest and good nutrition. Muscle strengthening products
help make you stronger by giving you extra energy for your workout, enabling you to lift more.
Building muscle also requires a calorific surplus, meaning that you need a higher intake of calories
than normal to build and strengthen your muscles. Some products will help you increase the calories
you consumed without compromising your diet.

How long will it take to see a difference?

Building muscle strength takes time but with the help of our products alongside a good training
regime you will notice your strength increasing with every workout. Building strength is a process,
enjoy it! There is no quick fix but with the help of our products you will start to see positive results

Can I get bigger muscles without getting stronger?

The short answer is no. You can’t get bigger muscles without being stronger. Whether the purpose
of your strength training is to get bigger muscles, become stronger or a combination of both,
strengthening your muscles is a key aspect of weight training and is an important part of growing

Will cardio effect your muscle growth?

Doing cardio as part of your exercise regime shouldn’t have an impact on your muscle growth as
long as your sessions aren’t excessively long and you are eating enough food to ensure there is
adequate energy for your body to build muscle.

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You may think the best way to get stronger is to do as much training as possible. Infact this has the
exact opposite effect. All you are doing when you do intense strength training is tearing your
muscles. In order to improve your strength and muscle size rest is essential so that your muscles
have time to repair and grow. Make sure you devise a strengthening exercise plan which
incorporates plenty of rest.