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The Best Supplements For Muscle Recovery

By June 26, 2018February 28th, 2019Supplements

Effective recovery from a workout can be achieved faster by knowing what the best supplements for muscle recovery are and using them to your advantage. The process of muscle recovery involves the synthesis of various proteins and amino acids which are synthesised by the body in order to reconstruct damaged muscle fibres.

Frequently referred to as “DOMS” – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Many athletes & fitness enthusiasts struggle with Muscular Pain, this is caused by micro-trauma being applied to muscle fibres as a natural resort of exercise. this process results in the strengthening and enlarging of muscles.

SAS Nutrition stock a variety of products which can help reduce DOMS and subsequently increase muscle recovery.

What are the Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery?

Whey Protein Isolate
Protein is the most vital component in repairing muscular damage and is completely necessary for muscle recovery. SAS Brand WPI80 is a long-running, high-quality protein used by numerous athletes ranging from elite to novice and is an extension of our commitment to high quality and effective supplementation.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS)
Commonly used in assisting the rate of muscle recovery, BCAA’s not only assist in reducing muscular fatigue and soreness, they also encourage the body to utilise fat for energy and encourage protein synthesis. meaning you will get better results from the protein you take in via diet and supplementation. This makes it one of the best supplements for muscle recovery available online.

SAS Brand BCAA’s contain:

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • Vitamin B6

best supplements for muscle recoveryIf you struggle with DOMs and protein isn’t causing a significant decrease in pain and recovery time, BCAA’s are the next step forward.

L-Glutamine Capsules

L-Glutamine is a supplement specifically tailored to aid in the process of repair and recovery, as well as increasing fat metabolism and decreasing your bodies propensity to eat into muscle for energy. This increase in fat metabolism is why so many bodybuilders and weightlifters consider L-Glutamine capsules to be one of the best supplements for muscle recovery.

SAS Nutrition Night-Time Whey Protein contains casein, which is a long chain protein which takes an extended period of time for the body to break down into the relevant amino acids required for adequate recovery, this discourages your body from burning off muscle to gain energy during sleep – this has the knock-on effect of resulting in more fat being burned during a sleep cycle than muscle.

Whilst DOMs may restrict you from training, it’s important to remember that they are a great indicator that you’re doing something right, unless the pain is severe or debilitating – it is merely your bodies way of informing you that you have damaged your muscle fibres, which is the core goal of lifting weights, as the repair process is what causes your muscles to become stronger and bigger. If you are suffering from DOMs in a muscle group you should consider training another muscle group until you have fully recovered. Rest days are also incredibly important as your body needs time to repair and continuously damaging your muscles without this incredibly vital rest period will only result in a hindrance as you encounter unnecessary barriers.

Check out the main shop section of our catalogue to find some of the best supplements for muscle recovery you can find online. Have a question for our team? Get in touch by phone at 0844 740 8021 or send us an email via our email address: [email protected]

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